As we reported earlier this week, Japanese social media is abuzz with the new darling of the fan art community, Bowsette.

On September 19, Malaysian artist Haniwa (@ayyk92) introduced the character in a four-panel comic imagining what would happen if Kuppa wore the Super Crown, an item revealed in previews for the upcoming game New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe which turns Toadette into a female form with an appearance similar to Princess Peach. The creative possibilities immediately sparked the imaginations of artists, especially in Japan, where fan art took off like wildfire, creating amazing drawings and illustrations such as the one crowning this article. (Permission granted by the artist @wincomen. Unauthorized reproduction and reprinting prohibited).

The popularity and quantity of fan art as well as cosplays which appeared in the span of only a few days could only have generated anticipation for a fan event. Surely enough, after only five days, Japanese Twitter user @sumihii announced "Crown Project," an event for doujin artists and illustrators to showcase their Bowsette-inspired art, manga and other creations.

Bowsette-Only Event "Crown Project"

To be held on the afternoon of Saturday, October 27th on the first floor of the Kawasaki City Industrial Promotion Hall, "Crown Project" already has its own website up and running:

In addition to Crown Project, another doujin event called Keikaku 0x 12, exclusively for fans of MtF crossdressing and gender-swap characters, will be held in the same location.

Both Crown Project and Keikaku 0x 12 will have their separate booths from 12:30 to 15:30, after which there will be an MtF crossplay contest until 17:00. Due to the co-hosting arrangement, the contest is not limited to Bowsette but also open to all crossdressing or gender-swap characters.

More information is available on their website (in Japanese) here.

With the continuing popularity of Bowsette, this is sure to be an exciting event, not to mention a fun way to spend Halloween weekend!

By - Ben K.