Great artists throughout the ages had their muses, but perhaps none as cute as the usual subject of this Japanese artist’s works.

GOTTE is an art university graduate who is making great use of their skills to create adorable depictions of their pet hamster called Sukeroku.

The artist shows off their technical skill in detailed pencil drawings and beautiful watercolours.

But maybe the most charming works are those where Sukeroku is drawn carrying out some kind of human action, like going shopping…

Playing on a VR game…

Baking or cooking…

And sometimes, instead of eating the food, Sukeroku can be found inside the food.

This image was created for the autumn harvest festival in Japan which occurred recently. Appreciating the full moon is a traditional activity at that time of year and the artist makes a cheeky reference to the shared roundness between the moon and the beloved pet hamster.

If you’re a hamster fan (who isn’t?!), you can find many more charming illustrations on GOTTE’s Instagram and Twitter!

By - Jess.