When we were children, we often wished we could just fall into the pages of our favourite comic books and experience the story for ourselves. Finally, this new cafe in Seoul gives a taste of what it’s like to be inside a 2D world.

The cafe is inspired by Korean drama ‘W - Two Worlds’, in which the main character gets dragged into a web-toon world. Web-toons are a type of digital comic that originated in South Korea and have become increasingly popular as more people turn to their smart phones and tablets for entertainment.

The cafe, called Yeonnam-dong 239-20, is designed in all black and white and as soon as you enter, you feel like you’ve walked into the pages of a comic book. It’s become a hotspot for people looking to get that perfect Instagram shot.

Even the mugs look as though they were hand drawn, making the comic experience even more immersive. The comic book world carries on all over the coffee shop, including the toilets.

For more information on the cafe, have a look at their Facebook page!

By - Jess.