While Twitter users in Japan were posting their typhoon photos and videos, one strange one emerged out of the bunch.

The video taken while driving through Kameoka, Kyoto, is noticeable not for the force of the typhoon, but because it appears to show some blatant paranormal happenings right in front of the camera.

It looks like a stream of eerie (but colourful) ghosts that appear then float away.

The video went viral in Japan, probably thanks in part to timing, since Halloween is just around the corner and everyone is hungry for scary stories.

Most commenters where intrigued as to what caused such a spooky effect, while others compared the floating shapes to Pac-Man ghosts.

After all the questioning, the original poster finally gave an answer to the mystery. Sadly, the existence of cute rainbow ghosts has not been proved, it was simply down to the smartphone camera lens being covered in rain drops.

By - Jess.