If you're a fan of felines, you may be familiar with Serval cat, even if not by name. Native to the African grasslands, their leopard like appearance, lean bodies, and the largest ears of any cat breed are instantly recognizable. Of course, one of the most fascinating things about cats are the bright and sometimes quirky behaviors behind their looks, and Serval cats are no different.

Japanese Twitter user and animal lover @vanity_temple recently surprised many on Twitter with photos taken at the Fukuyama City Zoo in Japan. In the series of photos, a Serval cat by the name of Kaede has an unfortunate accident where chicken meat received at feeding time fell into her enclosure's sand--and apparently Kaede did not appreciate the extra seasoning!

However, not to let good chicken go to waste, Kaede headed over to some water and washed off the sand before finishing her meal. Clever girl!

As you can see, Kaede was quite satisfied with the meal.

And Kaede even has Serval from Kemono Friends on a job well done.

It just goes to show another charming (and cute!) way in which cats, and animals in general, can solve problems posed to them--especially when motivated by food! If you're in the area while visiting Japan, be sure to check out the Fukuyama City Zoo to see cool cats like Kaede!

By - Big Neko.