Hey ladies, are you sick of the male-dominated world of noodles? Well this event is for you. The Ramen Girls Festival in Osaka is looking to make ramen consumption a more inclusive activity.

The producer of the Ramen Girls brand and festivals is the very qualified Satoko Morimoto, a young woman who claims to eat over 600 bowls of the stuff per year. She started it to promote the idea that it’s fine for a girl to go eat ramen on her own, something a Japanese man wouldn’t think twice about doing but women might find embarrassing.

The event is free to enter and each ramen dish costs 900 yen.

This time the festival takes place in Osaka's Nagai Park from 27th September to 8th October 2018, but they've previously held events in other parts of Japan, offering up a host of ramen options to suit anyone, whatever your style may be.

There’s bowls of ramen which are a sea-food lover’s dream.

And for those who want something a bit meatier.

Some are light and refreshing.

While others look heavy and flavoursome.

And spicy ones for ladies who like a challenge.

The Instagram-worthy options will certainly appeal to many young women.

The type of ramen available and when you can get it is listed on the official website.

If the ramen isn’t attractive enough, perhaps they will be drawn to the ‘ike-men’ servers, a title made from 'ikemen', a word used for hot guys, and using the chinese character 'men' meaning noodles.

But don’t worry, although the event is about promoting ramen to women and girls, men are free to enter the festival as well. It's just no longer a ra-men's world.

By - Jess.