Japan’s fast food chains are famously inflexible compared to their American counterparts. Visitors to the country often report being met with blank faces from staff after asking for minor changes to their meal. The reasons are unknown, but many put the strict adherence to the menu down to Japanese traditionalism. Don’t even try asking for more sauce packets.

The attitude is loosening up somewhat, and this McDonalds customer was surprised at just how willing the staff were to accommodate her request. Maybe too willing.

In an incident described on an online blog, the Japanese author went with a friend to grab lunch at McDonalds.

Source: Uehara Sakura

As her companion ate her fries, she realized they weren’t as salty as usual.

The author urged her friend to just ask for a bit more salt. She wasn't sure if the staff would be compliant, but she thought she'd try asking anyway and got surprised by the staff's reaction.

Instead of giving the fries an extra sprinkling, the staff handed over an actual bag full of salt.

Source: Uehara Sakura

Any way you look at it, that’s too much salt for one person.

So, did the enthusiastic staff get carried away with customer service zeal? Or was it actually a passive aggressive statement designed to shame the picky eater?

Either way, it seems if you make requests at McDonalds Japan, on rare occasions you may get more than you bargained for.

By - Jess.