In some countries the humble Kit Kat isn’t known for boundary-pushing flavours (pretty sure the UK is still stuck with original, mint, and orange when it comes to the two finger variety). But in Japan seasonal, regional and special varieties are ubiquitous. Aside from delicious dessert flavours like cheesecake, and pumpkin pudding for Halloween, many of the Kit Kats are distinctly Japanese, creating flavours from the country’s famous specialties such as matcha and sake.

The popularity of these variations led to many collaborations with regional specialties like Okinawan sweet potato or Hiroshima’s Momiji manju. With Japan’s wide range of traditional sweets and desserts they’re sure to never run out of ideas.

Their newest collaboration has resulted in a shingen mochi flavour chocolate bar.

Source: Nestle

Shingen mochi is probably most well known as the aesthetically pleasing ‘raindrop cake’, the sweet’s transparency and perfectly round shape making it look like a sparkling drop of water.

But the new Kit Kat’s flavour takes inspiration specifically from bellflower shingen mochi, a traditional souvenir of Yamanashi prefecture. Rather than having the clear appearance of other shingen mochi, the rice cake is covered in soy flour and comes with an attached brown sugar syrup to enjoy the treat with.

The bellflower shingen mochi Kit Kats will only be sold in Yamanashi prefecture making it the perfect souvenir for travellers.

If you'd like to see a range of Japanese Kit Kats and how they would look personified, check out this artists illustrations that show Kit Kat flavours as anime characters!

By - Jess.