Delis Yokohama Building

Open on November 1, 2018, Delis Yokohama Building creates a visually striking new landmark in the Tsuruya District of Yokohama City, the latest addition to the rapidly redeveloping Yokohama Station area.

In addition to creating a landmark, the new building, which brings together a collection of much-needed new restaurants as well as new office space within its seven-story frame, also serves a role as a vital new hub of activity in the Tsuruya District. A triangular square in front of the building creates a natural landing point for the traffic created by the planned pedestrian deck which will extend directly from Yokohama Station.

A Distinctive Profile

The exterior of the building, with its mosaic of aluminium grating of different sizes, adds depth and filters light from the stores within, offering a distinctive profile that transforms at night into a latticework of patterned light.

First Floor Entrance Hall

The first floor entrance hall features a large display panel promoting information, adding visual interest and luring pedestrians to visit. An outdoor staircase allows passersby to visualize the flow of people into the building, further piquing their curiosity. Another distinguishing feature is a spacious and highly efficient elevator with a capacity of 15 people which can smoothly transport pedestrian traffic even at peak times.

For more information about the building, visit Delis Yokohama's official homepage.

Kengo Kuma

World-renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is Professor in the Department of Architecture (Graduate School of Engineering) at the University of Tokyo. Winner of the Architectural Institute of Japan Award in 1997 and made an Officier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France in 2009. His office Kengo Kuma & Associates employs over 150 architects in Tokyo and Paris, designing projects of diverse type and scale throughout the world. Kengo Kuma is involved in the design of the New National Stadium which will host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

By - Ben K.