If you've spent a decent amount of time watching Japanese television (or stumbled upon a forgotten CG anime by Production I.G.) you may have been introduced to a pair of celebrities called the Kano sisters, who are pretty hard to miss as they aren't shy about showing off their claim to fame--their very healthy chests.

While the duo established their media presence thanks to their buxom figures and extravagant sense of fashion and lifestyle, they often appear at seminars and on television as "lifestyle consultants"--coaching women on how to assert themselves in the world and find success. Younger sister Mika, however, has built up a bit of a solo reputation for scantily clad cosplay pictures--mostly targeting the exaggerated figures of big breasted anime characters--on her social media outlets. Her latest endeavor continues that trend with One Piece's Pirate Empress, the lovely Boa Hancock.

As you can see by scrolling through the pictures above, not only does Mika have no problem tackling the over-the-top proportions of Hancock, but she even has her classic "extreme looking down pose" mastered.

As mentioned above, this isn't her first cosplay attempt. Take a look below (and remember to scroll through the Instagram pics) for samples of other anime characters Mika and her sister Kyoko have tried.

Meiko Shiraki (Prison School)

Super Sonico


Domino (Deadpool 2)

Maetel (Galaxy Express 999)

Cutie Honey

Many of the revealing cosplays put together by the Kano Sisters actually come from fan requests, so if there's a particular character you'd like to see them challenge, it may be worth asking.

By - Big Neko.