You may have seen lamps which fold open like a book, but have you ever seen a book with light glowing from the actual letters on the pages?

Uka Ohashi 大橋雨下 (@uten_lullaby), a Japanese experimental novelist currently studying design at an art university, created this beautiful book by cutting out the shapes of full pages of Japanese text with a laser cutter, then binding them in a book with an LED light strip attached to its spine, thus allowing the warm, yellow light to shine through.

With permission from @uten_lullaby

The result is almost magical, like a spellbook with glowing letters as often seen in anime set in fantasy worlds.

According to the artist, "I wanted to create a book in which the printed letters keep glowing brighter as [the story] heads towards its dazzling conclusion."

The Tweet in which she introduced her work has already gained over 155,000 likes and over 42,000 retweets at the time of writing.

She also posted a video showing the process through which she made the pages with a laser cutter:

With permission from @uten_lullaby

Originally made for an art class assignment, Ms. Ohashi created the book based on an actual novel she wrote. Her original concept was to create an entire book, with the illuminated text featuring in the final 10 pages of the conclusion, but since her time was limited in class, she only produced the conclusion to demonstrate her concept.

If you'd like to see more of her work, please follow her on Twitter and visit her online shop where you can buy her works.

The book has not been made into a commercial product yet, but who knows? For the many Twitter users who commented that they'd love to have own of their own, that would indeed be a dazzling conclusion to this exciting project.

By - Ben K.