Akasaka, a commercial and residential district in Tokyo’s Minato ward, isn’t known as a hotspot for wildlife.

However, the area surrounding a roadside tree was thrown into chaos when a rogue raccoon was seen climbing into it.

This video from NHK News shows the moment he is eventually captured by animal control. But he nearly escapes a few times, eliciting screams from onlookers.

Comments from Japanese Twitter users lamented the rough treatment of such an adorable creature, but many others retorted that as cute as raccoons are, they can be vicious and are a danger to the public.

While the Tokyoites argued about the best way to deal with raccoons, a commenter from the Japanese countryside put them all in their place. She pointed out that you can see wild raccoons all the time in her hometown, but for some reason when it happens once in Tokyo it’s considered news worthy. When you watch the video and see the drama caused by one small animal in Japan's capital, you can kind of see her point.

By - Jess.