Body Shop Japan have really proved they know what women want in their latest campaign.

The campaign entitled Princess Moisture and the Three Wizards, sees the three main ingredients of their vegetarian-friendly product anthropomorphized as attractive sorcerers. The top-selling item, camomile cleansing butter, is designed to stave off winter dryness thanks to the three moisturizing heroes, camomile, olive oil and shea butter. These kind wizards deliver moisture and love to flaky skin.

The fairytale theme of the campaign would not be complete without a story which they detail in the press release:

Welcome to the Sumptuous Forest.

For you, who arrived here, wandering in search of moisture, we cast a spell for your beauty, to induce shining skin. In this forest live 3 wizards, lovely of appearance and voice, who will heal your skin and heart, like you're being enchanted, they will lead you to Princess Moisture.

The moment they cast the spell, the three wizards will deliver you happiness.

Not only are the three young men handsome and well versed in sorcery, they’re also voiced by famous voice actors Takuya Eguchi (Eden of the East, Gundam Build Fighters), Natsuki Hanae (Tokyo Ghoul, Your Lie in April) and Shota Aoi (Uta no Prince Sama). Those who buy the product will receive a coaster in one of twenty-four possible designs, and each one has a password granting exclusive access to online voice recordings for each character. Each of the three wizards have eight voice clips each with various messages and situations such as a good morning message or a declaration of love.

Camomile is represented by Kaoru Camomile. With his blonde hair and outfit he looks like an English gentleman. At a glance he seems cold but he's actually very warmhearted.

Olive oil’s character is called Jun Olive. A slim, Italian-looking guy with striking deep green hair. Sociable and open-minded, he has an sensuous aura.

Shea butter takes on the persona of Hisoka Shea. With chestnut hair and a cute, small build, he's the type to awaken your motherly instinct. He's adept at flattery and has a soft, smiling face.

So which handsome anime wizard is your type?

By - Jess.