The anonymous graffiti artist-slash-provocateur Banksy was all over the news recently when he pulled off his latest stunt. At a Southeby’s art auction he set up his famous artwork, Girl with Balloon, to automatically destroy itself after being sold for over 1 million pounds.

However a fault with the shredder left the canvas only partially shredded and the stunt, which was probably supposed to draw attention to the commodification of art, backfired by increasing the painting’s value even more.

Regardless of whether the artist’s intentions were fully realised or not, the image of the partly shredded canvas hanging out of the bottom of the frame has become iconic and the perfect target for satire.

Japanese mascot, THE NOODLE BRAIN UDONNOWW, represents Kagawa prefecture, which is so famous for udon noodles that the alternative name for the area is Udon Prefecture.

Source: udonnoww

The mascot, who’s brain has turned into noodles, appears in a perfectly timed parody, which shows a framed painting of him partially shredded. But it’s not canvas dangling out of the bottom of the frame, it’s udon noodles.

Whether this cute and brilliant parody can fetch over one million pounds at auction remains to be seen, but hopefully it will get more people interested in visiting Japan’s udon capital, Kagawa prefecture.

By - Jess.