With her beautifully tanned skin, toned body and her visually striking original cosplays of Egyptian deities, dark elves and other dark-skinned characters, Japanese cosplayer non (@monhannoero ) easily stands out from the crowd. You can't miss her when she attends cosplay events and her table at cosplay ROM doujin events is often one of the most crowded in the room.

In addition to her cosplay activities, she also produces original animal ear wigs and beautifully realized photo books.


Earlier this year, she brought together a veritable A-list including model, cosplayer, DJ, talent and fashion trend setter miyako, famous for pioneering the "other skin" look, cosplayer and model Luna Amemiya, who we included in our Six Japanese Cosplayers to Watch feature article, popular cosplayer Momoiro Reku and lingerie-loving freelance model Moka Fukuda to join her in a unique group photo project with a decidedly canine theme called WONDERFUL WONDER.

With permission from non (@monhannoero)

We were able to interview non about WONDERFUL WONDER, how the project came about, and more.


grape Japan (gJ): So, what inspired you to do this project?

non: I had launched a similar project before, bringing together a group of cosplayers to make a photo book. This is round two.

gJ: How did you go about choosing the participants in this second round?

non: It’s not that those whom I approached were close friends of mine, but all of them were people I knew. I thought it would be interesting to bring together a group of girls who are active in different genres.

gJ: What is the concept behind the photo book?

non: Anthropomorphic dogs.

With permission from non (@monhannoero)

gJ: What was your intent in naming the photo book WONDERFUL WONDER?

non: I wanted to make a play on words with the sound of a dog barking, “wan! wan!” [the standard onomatopoeia for barking in Japanese]

gJ: Was there anything you particularly paid attention to in creating the costumes?

non: I had the girls provide their own outfits for the project, so it was a combination of ready-made items and hand-made pieces. I wanted them to express their personalities through their choices of accessories.

gJ: In the book’s description on your online shop, you’re credited as having designed the wigs. Was there anything you particularly paid attention to when designing wigs for each member?

non: I focused on getting the wigs to match seamlessly with the ear pieces.

gJ: As for the photo shoot, what was the most challenging aspect?

non: For some of the girls, it was their first time being in a photo shoot together, so it was quite a challenge to take group photos which everyone was happy with.

gJ: Outside of Japan, quite a few people have seen cosplay photos or images from manga or anime of anthropomorphic cats or even foxes, but I don’t think too many have seen anthropomorphic dogs. Was there any particular reason you chose dogs?

non: Quite simply because 2018 is the Year of the Dog.

gJ: Cat-themed accents often appear in kawaii fashion from Japan. Do you think dogs are going to be more popular from now on?

non: Not only dogs but anthropomorphic animals in general. I think this is a trend which is here to stay and whose popularity will continue.

gJ: You mentioned that you have no plans on reprinting the book. Could you please tell us how we can buy them (stock permitting)?

non: They are currently available for purchase at the website below (international shipping available):


gJ: Do you have plans to try any other anthropomorphic animals in the future?

non: Yes, a black panther.

With permission from non (@monhannoero)


By - Ben K.