Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido has no shortage of gorgeous winter scenery. The sheer amount of amazing sights to see could leave you a bit lost as to how to best appreciate it.

If possible, the best way to take in as much scenery as possible is from above. Hoshino Resorts, a Japanese resort chain, have constructed a viewing terrace on Tomamu Mountain, 1088 metres above sea level nearby their Tomamu resort.

A hoarfrost light up event is operating between 1st and 25th of December. During this season, all the surroundings and trees are covered in hoarfrost, creating a magical sparkle. The icy fog that also forms during the night is what gives the deck the name ‘Cloud Walk’. The area has been lit up so it can be appreciated in nighttime during these special phenomena.

There’s even a chance to see a natural phenomenon, the romantically named ‘diamond dust’, in which water vapour freezes in mid-air.

If you’re worried about climbing a snowy mountain in the night I wouldn’t blame you, but luckily the resort offers a gondola ride up to the deck which only takes 13 minutes.

The viewing deck can be enjoyed during the daytime too, there’s a chance to see the shimmering hoarfrost in sunlight and take in the scenery for miles around.

This is just one of the ethereal sights of Japan’s winter wonderland. Have you heard about Hokkaido’s mysterious blue lake? Read about the secret of its unnaturally vibrant colour here!

By - Jess.