Although we haven’t even had a chance to properly celebrate Halloween yet, Starbucks Japan are already releasing details of their Christmas beverage lineup.

What is probably the first of many festive offerings will be gracing Starbucks coffee shops all over Japan from 1st November, giving us no time whatsoever to get over our Halloween hangovers.

Their Halloween campaign is currently running with the two seasonal Frappuccinos, the Dark Apple Chocolate one for witches and the Milk Sweet Apple one for princesses.

But as soon as these alter-ego themed Frappuccinos are laid to rest, we will start to hear the festive jingle of Christmas cake flavoured beverages.

In European countries Christmas desserts are often rich, heavy on spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. However in Japan, Christmas cake has a whole different meaning. Japan's popularised Christmas cake is a light and fluffy sponge cake with cream and fruits (usually strawberries). The flavour was also previously used for a Japan exclusive Christmas Pepsi.

Starbucks are back to the one-hot-one-cold line-up, with Christmas Strawberry Cake Milk being the hot beverage alongside the chilled Christmas Strawberry Cake Frappuccino.

Both combine a sweet and sour, chunky strawberry sauce with the mild flavour of milk, and contain biscuit pieces as stand ins for the sponge cake.

As delicious and decadent as these treats look, the real news is that the iconic Christmas favourite, gingerbread latte, is back again!

Source: Starbucks Japan

Perhaps we will forgive Starbucks Japan for jumping the gun a bit, and look forward to the festive creations they have in store for us come November!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.