Japanese cosplay expertise, plus the excuse to use it thanks to Halloween, leads to amazing results every year. Some of the most innovative costumes can be seen on Japanese social media or even on the streets of Shibuya.

But the best costume this year, could belong to a pet rather than a human. Behold, the Democat!

The ingenious costume is inspired by the Demogorgon, the monster from Netflix’s horror hit, Stranger Things. The dimension hopping creature has folds of flesh in place of a head, which open to reveal row upon row of sharp teeth and an open mouth.

On this costume though, the terrifying gaping mouth is replaced by a slightly confused looking cat’s head. The creator wrote that all the materials used are safe for the cat, and while he looks a bit baffled by the whole thing, he doesn't seem distressed.

This is much more elaborate than the usual pet costumes seen around Halloween time, and while those are still cute, we're excited to see if the bar gets set even higher next year!

By - Jess.