One of the most wholesome things on the internet right now is this Twitter account (@nasu_chourakuji) dedicated to documenting the four adorable cats resident at a temple in Tochigi prefecture, Japan.

The cats seem to have a particularly close relationship with the head priest at the temple, as shown in this video where one is hiding in his sweater.

A video showing a usual breakfast time has been warming everyone’s hearts. The priest has a calm meal while surrounded by all four cats looking for treats. As he eats his own food, he periodically gives morsels to each of his feline friends.

Many commenters were impressed with the cats’ manners. Although they pat the man with their paws sometimes to get him to hurry up, generally they wait patiently for their turn.

Seems like an idyllic start to the day that any cat lover would be jealous of!

By - Jess.