With the amount of adorable animals commanding attention on the internet each day, it usually takes some particular features to truly stand out--such as this cat pulling off a perfect Demogorgon from Stranger Things Halloween costume, or a super stubborn Shiba who decides when a walk starts and stops. Japanese Twitter user and manga artist @boblim1204 may have found a worthy candidate while exploring the Inokashira Park Zoo, and shared this now viral picture of an "extremely sexy squirrel."

Of course, while it's simply a timely capture of a squirrel accidentally cupping its chest fur into a suggestive shape, Twitter users found themselves smitten with the snapshot to the tune of 142,000 likes, with several calling "her" the top idol of the squirrel world. @boblim1204, who frequently draws manga, obliged the busty squirrel's fans with a comic strip and officially named the character "Shimada Arisu", a play on the Japanese word for "chipmunk" (shimadarisu).

All jokes aside, @boblim1204 recommends the Inokashira Park Zoo, and particularly the squirrel sanctuary, as a soothing way to enjoy a natural surrounding and interact with cute (and sometimes accidently big chested) animals, as it's just 400 yen to enter.

By - Big Neko.