When Mr. Atkins told us to cut down on carbs, perhaps this is not what he meant.

‘The Double’, a KFC sandwich which comprises of bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce, mustard relish and two fried chicken fillets in place of buns, has finally come back to Japan, much to the delight of meat fans all over the country.


It’ll hit stores from 1st November, probably in a preliminary sales push before the real KFC season starts and Japanese families rush to get their Christmas dinners from the fried chicken chain.

The impactful image of a sandwich encased, not in bread, but Kentucky fried chicken caused a stir when it first arrived on Japanese shores in 2012 as the ‘Chicken Fillet Double’. Before then it had already made its debut in other countries such as the US, where it is known as the ‘Double Down’.

For diehard KFC fans, the restaurant is also running a charity campaign. You can buy an adorable Colonel Sanders piggy bank for 390 yen and 100 yen of every purchase is donated to the United Nations World Food Programme. The campaign will finish when stocks of the money bank run out.

Although the Japanese press release describes ‘The Double’ as a ‘product that overturns the common sense of sandwiches’, it also seems like the reinstated menu item is taking the fried chicken sandwich to its logical conclusion. Perhaps as civilization evolves further we will finally see the fried chicken buns encase a fried chicken filling. Here’s to the future.

By - Jess.