A real Pokemon master would never be caught unawares without a cushion or neck rest while travelling, and these new travel items from Gowell are perfect for Pokemon trainers on the go. Their smart evolving goods were created to ensure you get some rest when travelling by plane or for long distance train journeys.

Just throw (or should I say rearrange the beads inside) the Poke Ball and shout ‘Eevee neck rest, I choose you!’. The Poke Ball will transform, surely surprising all your fellow passengers and allowing you to leisurely enjoy the journey.

But it’s not just a comfy, Pokemon-themed headrest, the Poke Ball can also transform into an adorable Eevee cushion to snuggle up to.

If you think you may need some extra bags on your trip, another new item is a travel bag with a cute brown and yellow Pikachu design. When not in use it can be transformed into a handy Poke Ball.

So when you arrive at your destination fully rested and fully prepared with your extra bag, it'll be a breeze to catch 'em all!

You can buy these and other Pokemon themed travel items on the Gowell website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.