On the morning after the final tumultuous night of Halloween celebrations in Shibuya which began last weekend and culminated on Halloween Day, resulting in a total 13 arrests on counts of obstruction of justice, property damage, theft, battery, sexual assault and disturbing the peace, the Center-Gai shopping district where most of the activity took place was full of volunteers and business owners cleaning up trash, some of which included shards of glass from broken shop windows.

Chairman of the Center-Gai Shopping District Promotion Association Ono Toshiyuki appeared on the TBS morning news variety show Vivid to comment on Halloween and its impact on his district. When asked about possible business profits from the Halloween crowd, Mr. Ono made no effort to hide his anger:

As far as Halloween is concerned, there is no (increase in profits) for us. (We) lost a third of our revenue (...) The trouble is this parade of costumed perverts. There must be a way of enjoying (Halloween) in a good-mannered way.

--Ono Toshiyuki, Chairman of the Center-Gai Shopping District Promotion Association--

His harsh depiction of the Halloween revelers crowding the streets of Center-gai quickly created a buzz among Japanese Twitter users. The majority of opinions seemed to side with Mr. Ono, echoing his criticism of the criminal elements in the Shibuya crowd, or simply approving the new phrase he coined:

"'Parade of costumed perverts'. What a power word that is... It makes sense, though. All of these idiots who think it's cool to ignore morals, cause trouble and commit crimes... I Googled the original meaning of Halloween and the way it is meant to be celebrated. Next year, let's try to get it right."

"And we have a winner for the My Own Buzzwords Award!"

"A new 'power word' is born. It will probably get nominated for this year's Buzzwords Award."

However, some opinions were more tempered:

"Shibuya has gone bad. Chairman Ono derided [those people] as "parade of costumed perverts" and that's exactly what it is. (...) But I feel sorry for the good people who were collecting trash this morning and the cosplayers who normally cosplay anime characters."

"Incidentally, it would seem that the guys who overturned the truck and almost all of the people engaged in violent acts (from what I could see in the images [circulating in the media or online]) weren't people in costumes (or cosplayers)... Maybe it's just those who wanted to go crazy who were the problem."

And then, inevitably, there were those who imagined a parade of cosplayers all dressed as Kyosuke from Kyoshu Ando's popular manga Hentai Kamen

"Parade of costumed perverts... This is what came to my mind (lol)"

By - Ben K.