We often see humorous photos online of people’s names being spelt in ridiculous ways, on Starbucks cups for example.

But this instance is less of a spelling mistake and more of a complete misunderstanding.

In Japan when buying something on business expenses that you can claim back, you can’t just get an ordinary receipt. You need a ‘ryoshusho’ to give as proof to your company so that they can reimburse you.

The ryoshusho will have the full information of the shop or restaurant written on it, and is stamped by the cashier. There’s also space for the name and company of the customer.

The cashier may ask for your name and company in order to fill it in themselves, but it can be written in later.

This particular customer (@googantaw) planned to write the information in later, so simply asked the staff not to write a name.

She paid and left the shop but when she checked later on, she realized the cashier had taken her request much too literally.

Source: @googantaw

In the space for the name it was written, ‘Ms. Please Don’t Write A Name’.

Although she was disappointed that she couldn’t get any money back from the purchase, at least people on the internet could get a laugh out of it.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.