Premium Bandai has no qualms about making giant and sometimes unwieldy novelty items, such as the humongous Snorlax pillow that Japanese people had hilarious trouble with fitting into their homes. Fortunately, their latest hit is something for you to fit it--well, your head anyways. They've introduced a personal head bed that simulates being sucked up by Nintendo's Kirby!

The product was designed to answer the question "What would it be like to be sucked up by Kirby?" Well, the personal head space doesn't steal and replicate your abilities, but it comes equipped with a comfy pillow to hopefully take away your waking hours. You simply insert your head into the rest space (Kirby's gaping mouth) and pretend to be sucked up as a victim--or simply get some shut eye. As you can see, it makes for some humorous poses.

Boring work meeting? Sorry boss, Kirby got me!

The 38cm X 36cm X 51.5cm size is spacious enough for your head, and could probably double as a pet bed for cats or small dogs.

The "Suck it up Kirby" cushion head bed is available from Premium Bandai for pre-order now for 9,500 yen, with delivery scheduled in May. While they only ship domestically within Japan, those overseas can inquire at Premium Bandai's international shipping service page to try and get their hands--or heads, rather, on the Kirby bed head.

By - Big Neko.