With its countless temples, traditional neighborhoods, and beautiful integration of nature and architecture, Kyoto is one of the most charming cities of Japan, providing a bounty of experiences for tourists to enjoy. As we have reported before, one of the most charming and memorable neighborhoods to visit in Kyoto is Pontocho.

On the main alley of Pontocho, long-established restaurant Fujita specializes in the kaiseki style of traditional Japanese cuisine. However, they are not happy to rest on their laurels. While continuing their traditions, they are also experimenting with innovative menu ideas. This is reflected in their latest offering from their prepared food gift selections which can be purchased in the store or online: Matcha-Encrusted Roast Beef

Matcha-Encrusted Roast Beef: Chaen

Tencha: The Best Tea Leaves

To make Chaen, Fujita takes the highest quality tea leaves, known as tencha grown on the verdant plains of Wazuka, a specially registered landscape asset of Kyoto Prefecture.

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An innovative combination

High-quality roast beef is coated in a special crust of tencha leaves, salt, black pepper and kombu powder. Together, the combined flavors bring out the natural umami of the roast beef, creating a taste sensation like no other.

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Serving Suggestions

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To enjoy in your hotel or send as a gift

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You'll surely enjoy it in your hotel room with a bottle of sake. Perfectly prepared and carefully packaged in a beautiful navy blue box, it also makes an elegant thank you gift to Japanese friends who have shown you hospitality during your stay.


  • Name: Chaen
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Price: 6,880 JPY (incl. tax)
  • Available: Early November
  • URL: Pontocho Fujita

By - Ben K.