As online shibe superstar Hana-chan proved time and time again, when a shiba inu says the walk is over, that walk is over.

No amount of pulling on the lead can sway this Japanese breed’s resolve. It’s their world, and we’re just living in it.

That is until now. A genius dog owner, learned in the ways of the shibe, applied a psychological technique that shook his pet dog to the core.

The Twitter profile @always_with_yu documents life with a dog called Yu, who according to the description ‘will lie down anywhere’. There are several comical photos to back this claim up.

Videos show that it's not easy to get this dog up and moving again once he's decided it's time to relax.

After many failed attempts, the owner finally came up with a way to turn the tables, and decided to conduct an experiment.

The owner tried also just lying in the street to see what Yu's reaction would be. The experiment was a success and the surprised dog came instantly running over.

Finally a win for the humans! Now we just need to work out how to stop shiba inus from attacking us when we try to change our sheets...

By - Jess.