Japan's sexy daikon radish meme is now a huggable waifu pillow with green grocer clothing

Japanese online retailer Felissimo made internet waves several months ago when they added a very peculiar item to the comedic and eccentric lineup of their YOU+MORE! series (a play on the pronunciation of "humor" in Japanese), a cuddly pillow version of a sexy daikon radish. Before being turned into an oversized cushion, the sexy daikon radish actually got its start as a popular meme on Japanese social media, when users would post pictures of daikon radishes that appear to be suggestively crossing their "legs".

But perhaps if you're finding your sexy radish to be, well, too sexy, Felissimo is providing a fashionable clothing option teaming up with in-house apparel maker USEDo. The clothing comes in the form of the outfit of a grocery store worker--because according to Felissimo, even daikon dream of being grocers.

Although, you can't completely stop a sexy radish from being sexy. The grocer outfit makes sure to leave the radish butt completely visible.

And of course, it's soft to touch!

The item (sized below) is currently available (delivery scheduled for March 2019) from Felissimo's online shop, for domestic shipment in Japan. It should shortly after be made available at the international order store as well.

By - Big Neko.