AI continues to make inroads in every field, including art and entertainment. For example, we have already seen AI which can generate faces of idols which don't exist.

For illustrators who need to color their drawings, the free online AI tool Style2Paints has already enjoyed a certain level of popularity. However, now that the latest update, Version 4, has been released, Japanese Twitter users can't stop singing its praises.

With new features such as rendering model control and a choice between a careful mode and careless mode for different coloring effects, the tool can now produce some astonishing results.

Let's take a look at some of the results Japanese illustrators have achieved:

"Woah.....Automatic coloring through artificial intelligence is byootiful..."

"Automatic coloring realized by AI... This is"

"I tried the automatic coloring tool which everyone's talking about. This is with no retouching, leaving it up to the program, just uploading an image I captured with my phone... It's a bit too much to handle... It's enough to make me want to give up doing my own coloring."

"I tried the new AI coloring tool which everyone's talking about :) It's amazing!

"Hmm... The cheeks look good. Coloring by #style2paints"

"I tried an automatic coloring test on Seishiro with the latest AI which everyone's talking about (style2paints). It only took five minutes from the moment I uploaded a rough sketch... When AI coloring was buzzing before it was a bit off but it's amazing how much it's progressed since then! It might be good for those line drawings you've left unfinished."

We also decided to give it a spin. This is the original line drawing:

With permission from illustrator Ko Ohashi

Our first pass, with no retouches:

With permission from illustrator Ko Ohashi

Our second pass, after a few brief color retouches which took less than 3 minutes to complete:

With permission from illustrator Ko Ohashi

Here are the links to remember if you'd like to try it for yourself:

By - Ben K.