Commuters in Tokyo will soon have a new option to catch up on work on the go, as Japan Railways East is launching a new initiative called "Station Work" that will equip three major Tokyo train stations with both personal and shared office working spaces, with demonstration trials set to be conducted on November 28th.

JR East cites a goal of maximizing convenience and minimizing time loss due to travel, and the move coincides with a growing presence of shared work spaces among newer Japanese companies. While internet cafes and similar set ups can be convenient for those looking to catch up on their own personal work, Station Work will also offer co-working spaces along with private offices as part of its main service.

As preliminary concepts show, both private cubicles (for personal work and phone calls) as well as open shared working spaces will be offered. There is even a personal office space.

Once implemented, the booths (for now two of each type in Toyko, Shinagawa, and Shinjuku stations) will be able to be reserved via an online and QR code reading booking system.

While shared working spaces are popular among startups and companies looking to build networks, in Japan these private work spaces conveniently located near train platforms may thrive among late working salarymen who sometimes must forgo their commute in favor of staying later at the office.

By - Big Neko.