As cute, large eyed creatures, Moomins were always sure to be a hit in Japan. When the TV animation was first shown in the country in 1969, many people wished they could be whisked away to the idyllic, slow-paced Moomin Valley. Now fifty years later, the chance is finally coming for Japanese Moomin fans as the Moomin Valley Theme Park is currently under construction.

The complex, modelled on the Moomin Valley park in Finland, is located in Hanno, in Tokyo’s neighbouring prefecture of Saitama.

Split into two parts, the Metsa Village will be opening in Novemeber this year. Metsa means forest in Finnish and they hope this free-to-enter area next to the Moomin Valley park will bring a slice of the Scandinavian lifestyle to the Greater Tokyo area.

However, the Moomin Valley theme park itself won't have a grand opening until March 2019.

Japan's Moomin Valley Theme Park Concept Art

According to the website, the park will be a place of ‘new Moominous discoveries’. Fans of the round Finnish trolls can relive scenes from the beloved stories in the three-storey Moominhouse, bathing hut and lighthouse. The Moomin family and friends will be present for meet and greets.

There will also be an exhibition to help visitors get a feel for the inspirations, artistry and atmosphere of the original stories of Moomin author and creator, Tove Jansson.

Moomin lovers can also expect a gift shop with items exclusive to the park and a Moomin-inspired restaurant serving North European cuisine.

The concept art gives the impression that the theme park will be particularly fantastical, and fans of the iconic Finnish animation only have to wait until spring next year to take a trip down to Moomin Valley.

By - Jess.