The results are finally in for Kit Kat Japan’s worldwide vote to decide a brand new flavour to celebrate 45 years of Kit Kat in the country. Half a million chocolate fans from 81 countries tried to vote into existence the Kit Kat of their dreams.

There were some suggested flavours to choose from, but you could also submit your own ideas, leading to some questionable candidates.

Japan has become known overseas for their many delicious and eccentric Kit Kat flavours. Some are seasonal and others are inspired by traditional and regional Japanese specialties.

Source: PR Times

Some of the popular entries were as varied as stroopwafel, mocha, Thai iced tea, and pandan. The contest was made even fiercer with crazy flavours like wasabi cheese and ‘early ginger’ flying around.

In the end, out of all the flavours and all of the cuisines in the world, only one could be victorious. Now the results are in and the most desirable flavour for a Kit Kat, after a world wide vote, is (fanfare) strawberry tiramisu.

Source: Nestle

The packaging has been especially designed by Japanese artist, Kinashi Noritake. It’s fitting that an artist who’s work has been exhibited in many different countries should illustrate the packaging for this worldwide Kit Kat. The illustrations, filled with ‘Kit Kat love’, have the theme of bonding and making connections between people.

Source: Nestle

They show a man and a woman exchanging exclamations with each other like ‘Delicious! Strawberry tiramisu!’, and ‘congratulations on 45 years!’

Source: Nestle

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.