Japan’s streets are famously litter-free. Even in an urban area like Tokyo, you can see a level of cleanliness completely unexpected of one of the most populated cities in the world.

The Japanese people are proud of this reputation and any lapses are instantly denounced. A salient example is the recent Halloween festivities in Shibuya, which caused outrage online and in the media because of all the trash left on the street by revellers.

With the older generation worrying about slipping standards, this elementary school festival came up with a genius way to make kids feel that properly disposing of rubbish is fun. Twitter user, @777_ponta spotted this and shared the photo online.

The rubbish bin for used skewers and disposable chopsticks was turned into a voting booth of sorts, where the kids and their parents could stand up and be counted by proclaiming their dream job.

Source: @777_ponta

The top labels show demographics like ‘elementary school girls’ and the ones down the side denote some popular career aspirations. Some clear trends stand out, ‘Police Officer’ seems to get less popular as people grow up, possibly as they start to understand how risky that profession can be.

By making the bin fun to use, the school effectively stopped littering and improper garbage disposal (Japan has strict recycling laws), while at the same time teaching young children how voting works and how you can see trends in different demographics.

The fact that if you buy more food you can get more votes may be sending the wrong message though…

By - grape Japan editorial staff.