McDonald's Japan is no stranger to getting inventive with sauces when it comes to spicing up their menu, perhaps most notably with chocolate sauce covered fries. The fast food chain's popular chicken nuggets have also found themselves dipped in adventurous flavors, as seen recently with the Adult Wasabi Mayonnaise and Naughty Teriyaki Mayonnaise and legitimately spicy K.O. chicken nugget sauces.

Now it appears McDonald's Japan is fancying up their chicken nuggets for the holiday season, announcing larger 15-piece chicken nuggets sets coupled with Merry Christmas Steak Sauce and Happy New Year Lobster Mayo Sauce for a discounted price of 390 yen!

The campaign, which will run from November 21st to early January 2019, offers two new sauces that should perfectly complement the Japanese tradition of feasting on fried chicken during the winter holidays. The Merry Christmas Steak Sauce consists of a soy sauce base accented with garlic, black pepper, and onion that is said to bring out the sweetness of chicken nuggets. Meanwhile, the Happy New Year Lobster Mayo Sauce has a creamy mayonnaise base with Japanese spiny lobster powder (ise ebi--traditionally enjoyed during the Japanese New Year holiday season) sprinkled in.

The 15-piece sets come with three sauce packets of the customer's choice.

McDonald's Japan is also running a Twitter campaign based off their character Phantom Thief, who has a reputation for stealing chicken nuggets with his son as a criminal duo. Everyday retweeters can get a chance at winning a criminal alert button (shaped as a chicken nugget slathered in sauce) that plays Christmas carols.

Chicken nugget fans in Japan can look forward to the two new sauces to pair with what is sure to be a fried chicken bonanza over the Japanese holiday season.

By - Big Neko.