If you’re interested in ‘haikyo’ (the exploration of abandoned areas for creepy thrills and cool photos), but less excited about the ‘tresspassing’ aspect of the hobby, here’s your chance to take part in some legally sound haikyo.

Disused subway station, ‘Hakubutsukan-dobutsuen’ will be open to the public for a limited time only.

This free-to-enter attraction is in Ueno, and the name 'Hakubutsukan-dobutsuen' means ‘Museum and Zoo’, two popular attractions which can be found in Ueno Park. Located along the Keisei line which first went into service in 1933, it was popular up until the early nineties when longer six-car trains became standard, which Hakubutsukan-dobutsuen (built for four-car trains) sadly couldn’t accommodate.

Trains stopped servicing the station in 1997 and it closed officially in 2004.

So if you want to see what happens to an underground train station when it’s left forgotten for 14 years, now is your chance. It’s not that long ago, but it seems the station has taken on a very creepy aura all the same.

Even what was previously a cute penguin illustraton in reference to Ueno Zoo, looks much more sinister under these circumstances.

If rather than the spook factor, you’re all about history, there’s some cool features like the dome ceiling and wooden ticket gate.

If you want to take part in this rare chance to see a site of historical importance which is usually closed to the public, Hakubutsukan-dobutsuen station will be open to visitors from November 23d to February 24th 2019.

By - Jess.