London-based illustrator and graphic designer Thumbs grew up with a passion for skateboarding and the art surrounding it, as well as 90's cartoons and comic books. That couldn't be more obvious in his awesome and creative artwork that specializes in crossovers of his favorite cartoons, which have gained a wave of popularity that eventually led to the talented artist producing his own pins, stickers, and shirts for sale. While he has various crossover-themed goods to choose from, his series of designs that combine The Simpsons with classic anime such as Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon appear to be fan favorites, and demonstrate the creativity that goes into making the mashup of popular characters a seamless and natural fit.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram at @thumbs1 for a good look at his work, and you can browse his entire catalog of goods and and order from his homepage and online shop. Here is a sampling of some of his standout pieces!

Bart x Pikachu

Homer x Blastoise

Sideshow Bob x Exeggcutor

Krusty x Mr. Mime

Barney x Venasaur

Mr. Burns x Charizard

Blinky x Gyrados

Ralph x Psyduck

Santas Little Helper x Vulpix

Milhouse x Tangela

Hans Moleman x Dugtrio

Lionel Hutz x Haunter

Moe x Slowbro

And a whole collection!

By - Big Neko.