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Japan Celebrates Eevee Day!

You'll find no shortage of love for bushy-tailed Pokemon Eevee in Japan. This year at the now world famous Pikachu Outbreak festival which hosts an army of 1,500 Pikachus, an invading Eevee army appeared. So it makes sense that Eevee's popularity has now translated into one of Japan's many informal "holiday" puns.

Happy Eevee Day!

Today (November 11th) marks "Eevee" day in Japan. That's because 11 resembles the Japanese sound of "ee" (いい), and "21"--well, although it's bit clumsy to break down, can be read/interpreted as the Japanese pronunciation of "vee" in this case. It's a little more complicated than Japan's "panties and bunny day" festivities, but it's being celebrated much the same way, with fan artists and even some cosplayers turning out to show love for Eevee. Here's a sample of some of the ways Japanese social media is celebrating Eevee Day!

By - Big Neko.