While Japan is home to so many delicious cuisine, perhaps its seafood is the main attraction for so many who visit to enjoy a food-themed adventure. As of expected of an island nation, various regions of Japan are home to amazing local specialty seafood dishes, but traveling all the way around the country to try them all in one trip can be very difficult, to say the least. Fortunately, this weekend is the 4th annual Fisherman's Festival hosted in Tokyo's scenic Hibiya Park. The event allows attendees to conveniently sample the pride and joy of regional seafood specialties from all over the country, represented by some of the best food in each area.

The sights and sounds of the festival will quickly get you in the mood to sit down and enjoy some delicious seafood, drinks, and atmosphere to help warm you up during the cold weather.

Fresh fish and oysters grilled right in front of you

Here are a few standout selections that we were fortunate enough to sample that have many attendees lining up to try some iconic dishes from around the country.

Hokkaido's 8-type seafood ricebowl

A refreshing seafood bowl platter that lets you sample eight different types of fish from Japan's northern sea.

Noodle Ajillo

A Japanese take on Ajillo that blends fresh Japanese seafood ingredients into the classic dish.

Anglerfish liver hot pot

Regarded as the foie gras of the sea, this Anglerfish liver nabe had one of the longest lines at the event, and for good reason! Delicious, warming, and affordable for such a delicacy.

Oyster Biryani

If you're looking for something other than Japanese food, the event has plenty of options. One of them is this savory and spicy oyster rice combination that will go perfect with the selection of beer on tap!

Japan Fisherman Festival 2018

Dates: 11/22 (Thursday)-11/25 (Sunday), 2018

Operating Times: 11/22(Thursday)11:00~21:00




Location: Hibiya Park (Hibiya Park, "Fountain square" Hibiiya Koen, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Entrance Fee: Free to attend, food and drink priced separately.

By - Big Neko.