Miss Universe is an annual international pageant that brings together the most beautiful and accomplished women from all over the world (not the universe, don’t be fooled). Then, contrary to the spirit of sisterhood, they compete to prove that they are the most beautiful and accomplished of them all.

The pageant includes a segment called ‘National Costume’, giving the ladies a chance to promote the rich cultures of their home countries with traditional dress, or show their wit through modern pop culture references. This year, Japan will cleverly do a bit of both.

Yuumi Kato is a model, actress and reporter who speaks four languages, and won the Miss Universe Japan pageant to become this year’s Japanese entrant to Miss Universe.

Prior to the competition itself, Yuumi has revealed her awesome costume which starts off with a badass historical theme as she emerges hooded as a Ninja.

Everyone loves a transformation look, so she lowers the hood and spins around to reveal a cute Sailor Moon costume hiding underneath. She's completely perfected the magical girl poses.

Despite the character’s cute appearance, Sailor Moon is a super hero of sorts, a girl with magical powers who saves the day. Both the ninja costume and Sailor Moon’s uniform portray a theme of kick-ass girls, Yuumi wrote ‘Ninja to woman warrior Sailor Moon’ as part of her Instagram caption.

Hopefully Yuumi can win the crown, and like Sailor Moon herself, fight against the forces of evil!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.