As we learnt with the recent Mister Donut Pikachu face doughnuts, making a cute Pikachu shaped snack seems like a good idea, but the fantasy doesn’t always reflect cold, hard reality.

The press release photos looked adorable, but some people noticed their Pikachus were coming out a little bit strange looking.

Twitter user @konbuwasabi, encountered the same sort of issue. A Pikachu sweet potato? Sounds great. But what emerged was not quite what was envisioned.


The Pikachu shape is actually impressively on point, and there was no reason to think when putting it in to bake, that it wouldn’t come out as a wonderful tribute to everyone’s favourite pocket monster.

But looking at Pikachu’s shellshocked frame, charred and staring blankly into the sky, everyone agreed they were more disconcerted than charmed. Especially when you consider the pool of sauce spreading from underneath his prone body. The chef noted that it looked as though he had roasted a whole Pikachu.

The horror reached its peak when the creator posted the half eaten version.

Maybe sweet potato Pikachu wasn’t as cute as first imagined, but at least he was tasty.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.