In searching the internet for Japanese photography, you'll find no shortage of beautiful work that celebrates the country's rich culture and scenery. While many of these certainly accurately portray the gorgeous sights Japan has to offer, some rely on extensive set up and conditions for the perfect shot. Kamakura and Tokyo-based award winning street photographer Shin Noguchi welcomes the opposite approach, aiming to capture what he calls the extraordinary moments of excitement, humanism and beauty among the flow of everyday life.

While his technique and skill are recognized on a worldwide level, he forgoes elaborate staging for an approach that he hopes can subtly and naturally show the nuances of Japanese culture in everyday life (his daughters also adorably pose in some pictures), saying, "Street photography always projects the "truth". The "truth" that I talk about isn't necessarily that I can see, but they also exist in society, in street, in people's life. and I always try to capture this reality beyond my own values and viewpoint/perspective."

If you'd like some insight into daily Japanese life via some charming street photography, consider following Shin Noguchi on Instagram and check in at his homepage as well. Below are a few standout samples of his work.

By - Big Neko.