Are you a 27-year-old OL (office lady)? Are you curious about sake but never drink it because you don't think it's Insta-worthy and doesn't fit into your idea of a happy, fulfilled life?

If that describes you, then H View Corp. wants you to try a new concept bar opening up on December 12 in the Kamata area of Tokyo called "Hoisassa."

Oh, and for some reason, they think you'd also react positively to an advertisement of a drunken foreigner in a suit riding a rocking horse, yelling: "It's all your fault, sake!"

We're not making this up. Their press release clearly states:

Our target is 27-year-old OLs. What we're selling is riajuu [a happy and fulfilled life]. Our concept completely ignores the current price competition in the food-service industry. You'll drink sake in a wine glass in a place with a fashionable interior that looks nothing like a sake bar. We have a lineup of 60 types of sake. For food, we offer ten different types of oysters bought directly from fishermen and wagyu. A pro with 20 years of experience has gone through trial and error aiming for Insta-worthy Japanese food and now his aim is to exceed 90% Instagram posts per visit. We'll continue delivering Insta-worthy dishes and experiences every day!

PR Times press release for Hoisassa

Here are two women (presumably 27-year-old OLs) toasting to their riajuu lives. You can almost hear them say: "Ooh, what a nice shot. Let's post it to our Instagram accounts right now!"

Here's H View Corp. president Mr. Nakata, the pro with the experience to turn sake drinking into a riajuu experience which all 27-year-old OLs will want to Instagram.

So, mark your calendars for December 12!

Here are the details if you're interested in going.

  • Name: Kaki to Wagyu Hoisassa (Oysters and Wagyu Hoisassa)
  • Address (EN): Obayashi (store for rent) 5-18-14 Kamata, Ota Ward, Tokyo 144-0052
  • Address (JP): 144-0052 東京都大田区蒲田5-18-14 大林貸店舗
  • Opening: 12/12/2018 16:00
  • Hours: Mon. to Fri. 16:00-23:30 Sat. Sun. and holidays 15:00-23:30
  • Tel: 03-6715-9547 or 3-6715-9548
  • Online: Guru Navi listing

Now, if there actually is a drunken foreigner in a suit on a rocking horse, periodically yelling: "It's all your fault, sake!" as he swings a tie above his head, that would definitely be an Insta-worthy moment... What a part-time job that would be!

By - Ben K.