Jewellers U-Treasure are the purveyors of fine jewellery for the more sophisticated otaku.

They have a wide range of themed items based on popular series such as Star Wars or Pokemon, but their items don’t look childish or garish in any way. The stylish jewellery is aimed at adult fans, and they’ve even brought out some pretty Pokemon wedding rings for trainers who are done adventuring solo.

A very delicate and feminine line of necklaces dedicated to the ever-popular Eeveelutions (a collective term for the different Pokemon that can evolve from Eevee) have recently become available.

The whole set of Eeveelutions were revealed one by one in classic 'Who's that Pokemon?' style, but it's only now that every single one is for sale, including the original Eevee.

The Eeveelution charms on each necklace are beautifully detailed all around. Each Pokemon sits on a Pokeball with a jeweled centre and the colour of the jewel corresponds to the type of Pokemon it is. For example, the grass Pokemon Leafeon has a green one and the fairy type Sylveon’s is pink.

These Pokemon inspired accessories will set you back about 106 dollars and at the moment is only available in silver.

The necklaces and other cool Pokemon jewellery can be bought online (Japanese only)

By - Jess.