In Japan, it's quite common to sit on the floor, particularly in housing with tatami flooring, so it's always good to have a selection of pillows to cuddle up with for comfort and warmth. Fortunately Japan has interesting pillows in spades, including viral sexy daikon raddish, giant mackerel, and twin tails that devour you varieties of cushions. Now after a successful crowdfunding effort in the U.S., a life-sized butt shaped pillow is making its debut in Japan to a butt lover's welcome.

Originally the pet project of American Jia, a fan of butts who says he came up with the idea of the posterior-shaped cushion on a lonely day where he was missing his girlfriend and her butt to caress as he went to bed, the Buttress Pillow is making its way to Japan and crushing the crowdfunding campaign it has going on website Kibidango. As of the current time of writing, the Buttress Pillow has obliterated its goal of 500,000 yen to a tune of 2,334,951 yen and counting.

"Instead of a lap pillow, it's a butt pillow!"

Aside from the appeal of the its comical appearance, The Buttress Pillow actually features the latest in what the crowdfunding effort is calling "butt technology". It's ergonomic and elastic design means you use it to rest your weary or butt-craving head from just about any angle, and supposedly the natural latex its made from was extensively researched replicate the firm comfort that only a bottom can provide.

Of course, you can get creative with how you want to use it.

The perfect balance of "butt, comfort, and features".

Perhaps the successor to the Teddy Bear?

While there are different packages and reward tiers, Kibidango has individual Buttress Pillows available for a discounted price of 11,900 yen. Each package comes complete with a Buttress Pillow, a spare cover, logo sticker, and even a washable Buttress Pillow key holder.

By - Big Neko.