Many visitors to Japan from abroad are quick to comment on the surprising measures of convenience and hospitality they experience during their travels, most notably having forgotten or misplaced personal belongings returned to them promptly and safely. While it's never safe to assume, Japan seems to be as good a place as any to lose something and hope to get it back.

Chido Museum in Yamagata prefecture is no different. The private museum in Tsuruoka houses historical samurai homes and a collection of Shonai-clan samurai related goods, but the display of important cultural properties is finding itself getting loads of popular attention due to an effort of longstanding kindness on the part of their staff.

The museum recently posted a picture of a Donald Duck stuffed animal the staff found in its parking lot thirty years ago, likely dropped by a child. Not only does the museum staff still have it, they're taking wonderful care of it.

According to IT Media, the staff member currently running the Twitter account was originally employed by the museum when the stuffed animal was originally found, but quit ten years later. 5 years ago the staff member returned to work and says they were struck with nostalgia when they saw the Donald Duck still being looked after with hope of returning it to the owner. After 30 years or wear and tear, the museum staff decided to freshen up Donald with a bath and even knitted him a new set of clothes.

The staff say that even after thirty years, they're treasuring Donald and taking care of him with the hopes of one day reuniting the owner, despite the museum staff seeming to have taken a liking to Donald themselves. As expected, the touching story has moved many on Twitter, with some now filled with hope that their lost stuffed animals from their childhood days are being looked after with similar care and warmth.

By - Big Neko.