Krispy Kreme’s Japan branches have really been delivering when it comes to seasonally appropriate doughnuts. Spring, Christmas, Halloween, they’ve got it covered, and as the biggest celebration in the Japanese calendar, their New Year offerings hit it out of the kawaii park.

Japan continues the tradition of assigning animals to each year as per the Chinese zodiac. 2019 will be the year of the boar and New Year decorations will include lots of boar motifs to usher in a lucky year.

They’re releasing not one set, but two seasonally apt sets of adorable doughnuts which celebrate a traditional Japanese New Year. The first set you can buy separately for about 200 yen each, but also you can get them all and a few more in the ‘2019 Lucky Eto Dozen’ set (eto meaning Chinese zodiac).

The ‘Happy Boar Caramel’ doughnut is a cute, smiley boar face and a pretzel is cleverly used to make his pig snout.

The Lucky Strawberry Ring uses the auspicious colour red, which is often used in New Years decorations, the strawberry topping is sprinkled with gold dust for a festive sparkle.

The Snowman Chocolate is a slightly out of place one. Rather than having a special New Years meaning, he must just be generally representing winter. Still cute though.

The ‘premium’ range of Krispy Kreme’s New Year doughnuts are so special you can only buy them in one department store in Nagoya (JR Nagoya Takashimaya). The lucky inhabitants of Nagoya will be treated to two super cute creations.

The Krispy Kreme Premium Boar has an adorable hog jumping through the ring of the doughnut and 2019 written in white chocolate, just in case you forget which year it is.

There’s also a very Japanese offering, the ‘Krispy Kreme Premium Daruma’. Daruma is a bright red doll based on Bodhidharma, a historical Buddhist monk. These symbolic figures are used by drawing in one eye to hope for a wish or goal to be achieved, then once it comes true you can paint in the second eye. Daruma are associated with New Year celebrations and the two-eyed daruma doughnut has a sprinkle of glitter for some party vibes.

The doughnuts will be available from 26th December until early January, be sure to get yours fast to ensure an auspicious and delicious New Year!

By - Jess.