Starbucks’ Japan Wonder Project explores traditional Japanese flavours and tells the stories behind them.

Flavours such as matcha have become representative of Japan, and are experiencing a boom overseas. There’s no doubt that Starbucks Japan understand how much clout they have with tourists seeking out the legendary cherry blossom and matcha Frappucinos, but this project aims to help young Japanese people also rediscover traditional Japanese flavours and aesthetics.

For example, I’m sure you’ve heard of matcha, but what about houji-cha? The green tea leaves of houji-cha are roasted, making it taste lighter and giving it a comforting ‘toasty’ taste. Starbucks put their own spin on the classic flavour for their Frappuccino, they incorporated white chocolate cream and made a jelly from the tea, creating the Kaga Bo Houjicha Frappuccino.

Finally, the next installment of the series has been announced, the Goma Goma Goma Frappuccino, meaning Sesame Sesame Sesame Frappuccino. It’s so nice, they named it thrice. The reason is simple, three different types of sesame seed (black, white and gold) were utilised to make the beverage, promising a uniquely rich sesame experience.

A hot version of the drink will also be available in the form of the Goma Goma Goma Latte.

The duo will go on sale from 26th December replacing the current Pistachio Christmas Tree beverages. To keep an eye on how the project is developing you can follow the official Japan Wonder Project Instagram.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.