We've seen cat cafes with cosplaying kitty staff, a cat who teaches about Japanese food and culture through cosplay, and even a cat with a creepily perfect Demogorgon costume. However, an unfortunate reality is that sometimes comfort (and more often, cooperation) concerns keep many owners from having their pets dress up. Fortunately, Bandai and Japanese pet goods maker Petio have teamed up for a lineup of comfortable costumes and pet beds that let your cats and dogs become Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z characters.

Super Saiyan Shiba

Sailor Moon Kitty

The series, called Chara-petty, includes five different Sailor Moon outfits (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus) that are intended for cats, but can also fit small dogs as well.

The costumes are designed to be loose-fitting and comfortable for kitties and doggos while letting people enjoy cosplay, Halloween, or simply just some fun fashion time with their pets. Dragon Ball Z fans also have some Dragon Ball Z and Vegeta outfits to sport.

A variety of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z beds and chew toys are available as well!

The main outfits range from 2,678 yen to 3,218 yen, with bedding, pillows, and chew toys having individual prices which can be seen here. As of now the items are expected to be available for purchase at pet shops throughout Japan in March, and internet shopping services to be announced later--although there is a good bet that Premium Bandai (international shipping here) will make them available as well.

By - Big Neko.