(Updated on 7/5 with online retail information)

If the name Mocolle rings a bell, it may be because the Japanese creative design team Mocolle (whose official brand concept is "Wouldn't it be nice if this existed?") seems to specialize in transforming the creative talents of artists and cosplayers into actual fashion items. In the past they've made illustrations and cosplay ideas a reality with the ninja girl bikini, shirt that turns your boobs into hamster cheeks, and even shrine maiden loungewear.

Continuing with their collaboration with popular cosplayers, Mocolle launched a crowdfunding campaign for a Succubus Swimsuit--originally dreamed up by cosplayer non, whom you may remember from our article introducing her photo book project of dazzling beauties dressed as anthropomorphic dogs, and illustrated by artist -N◎N- (yes, it's confusing) --and the effort surpassed its goal of 500,000 yen by 177% at the time of writing.

The devilish ensemble was modeled by three popular Japanese cosplayers, as well as non, who not only designed the outfit but also offers a custom-made wig at one of the upper tier rewards.

non (Twitter, Instagram)

Saku (Twitter, Instagram)

Kururu Kurasaka (Twitter, Instagram)

Tuna Mayo (Twitter, Instagram)

>Source: Mocolle</p>

Aside from being an eye-catching swimsuit, the outfit has been gaining a lot of traction on social media as a cosplay item and SNS hit.

Update: Village Vanguard Online Shop

After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign which reached almost 700% of the initial funding goal, the succubus swimsuit is now available from Village Vanguard Online.

By - Big Neko.