Hello Kitty is turning 45 this year but she hasn’t aged a bit since she first turned up on the scene. Her merchandise can be found everywhere in Japan, going as far as Hello Kitty hotel rooms and Hello Kitty bullet trains.

Still as cute and stylish as she was back in 1974, her feline charms are now being brought to a new cafe collaboration in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The cafe will celebrate the 45th anniversary since the birth of the beloved character.

Not only are the dishes inspired by her look, but also, apparently, her worldview, so you can enjoy some of Kitty’s favourite foods while contemplating her general outlook on life.

The Anniversary Party Set comes with two soft drinks, making it perfect for a couple of kitty fans to share. The afternoon tea presentation style radiates classy but kawaii vibes, the savoury option of tuna souffle pancakes occupies the bottom and then a myriad of desserts such as rollcakes and apple pie (Kitty's favourite) make up the top two tiers.

The fluffy apple and custard pancakes are particularly Insta-worthy, combining Japan's internet famous souffle pancakes and the world famous character.

The whole of the Hello Kitty Colourful Parfait is cute, with layer after layer of pastel colours. But the main event is the panna cotta Hello kitty sitting pretty on top.

It's not just desserts on offer either, some of the cute main dishes are stealing the spotlight too, like this Hello Kitty Avocado Burger with teriyaki sauce.

The whole menu along with prices is available on the website of the host restaurant, Egg & Spuma. Sadly the restaurant is only open for a limited time, from 16th January to 31st March 2019.


Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinjuku 3-38-1 Lumine 8F

Nearest station: Shinjuku

By - Jess.